Software for Century CD by Projectlab

Century CD UnitI bought 2 of these CD units about 10 years ago from TigerDirect for myself and my dad.  They worked great and as I updated OS versions  they continued to work.  But my XP machine crashed about a year ago and I had to reinstall XP and I could not find the CD.

I searched the Internet with no information to help me.  Looks like ProjectLab Ltd. went out of business and left no information for the many that have purchased these devices.

There is one site which provides alot of information and you can see in the footer that this site was created by Tigerdirect,  most likely due to an outcry from its customers.

BUT, the site is missing one thing, the software needed to run the Century CD & Dynamic Data Storage, from Projectlab.    Luckily my old man found his CD and  I hope this helps all of you CenturyCD owners that are in the same predicament I was.  Please find a link to a zip file of the CD Image.

I hope I’m not causing any copyright problems by posting the  information from the CD, but it looks like this company does not exist and many of us are stuck with a device that does not work due  to Projectlab’s failure to survive.

Please comment with any other information you have about the Century CD by Projectlab.

Link to Software for  Century CD and Dynamic Data Storage for Windows   Version 1.2

– Pure Performance


18 thoughts on “Software for Century CD by Projectlab

  1. I was glad to find that you are hosting this file (Thanks!)but I’ve tried to download it over the past several days and it bombs after 6.5MB leaving an unusable zip. Could you advise please?


    1. Hi Blaine,

      I tested the zip file and I found no issues. I will send you an e-mail with the file to see if that helps. If you have a gmail account and you’re using chrome. It will pull the file and give you the option to save to disk or save to google docs.



  2. I have 8 of these units all filled with zip files of ebooks over 35000 in all and my software would not load on win 8.1
    hope this link works hate to hve to break all of them open to get at my disks
    thanks for the link


  3. I have three of the Century CD units.
    I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS
    I’m looking for drivers that will support my new PC.

    Any help?


  4. I’ve had three units for years filled with CDs. Recently, I had to re-install my Windows 7 64-bit. A few minutes ago, I re-installed CCD with no problem; no new drivers needed. If you’ve got the software on a CD, do NOT use the autorun feature. Open the CD and click on the Setup file. (Most old software with autorun will not work on Win7, but Setup works fine.) Just make sure you always back up your CCD. If you ever have to re-install, your database can be restored.


  5. Don’t know about Window 8 and CCD. Your problem may be like I mentioned – trying to use the autorun. Read my comment and just use Setup. Hopefully, it will work for you.


  6. For Charlie: this is probably months late, but you can use Windows XP Mode to make use of old 32 bit drivers.

    Also, the latest version of the software (v2.1.3, which looks to be the final version) is available here:

    That company had bought out Century CD and renamed it Centurion CD. It’s exactly the same device and the MediaTRACKER software works with the older Century CD devices.


  7. I have 3 Century CD units that I have had for quite a while. I went to backup my collection and I have forgotten my supper password. Is there any way out of this trap?


    1. Oh boy! That’s a tough one! I have a dymo label on my units with my Super Password. The only think I can think of is to uninstall the software, then reinstall it and establish a new password. I can’t guarantee it would work, but it probably would.


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