Software for Century CD by Projectlab

Century CD UnitI bought 2 of these CD units about 10 years ago from TigerDirect for myself and my dad.  They worked great and as I updated OS versions  they continued to work.  But my XP machine crashed about a year ago and I had to reinstall XP and I could not find the CD.

I searched the Internet with no information to help me.  Looks like ProjectLab Ltd. went out of business and left no information for the many that have purchased these devices.

There is one site which provides alot of information and you can see in the footer that this site was created by Tigerdirect,  most likely due to an outcry from its customers.

BUT, the site is missing one thing, the software needed to run the Century CD & Dynamic Data Storage, from Projectlab.    Luckily my old man found his CD and  I hope this helps all of you CenturyCD owners that are in the same predicament I was.  Please find a link to a zip file of the CD Image.

I hope I’m not causing any copyright problems by posting the  information from the CD, but it looks like this company does not exist and many of us are stuck with a device that does not work due  to Projectlab’s failure to survive.

Please comment with any other information you have about the Century CD by Projectlab.

Link to Software for  Century CD and Dynamic Data Storage for Windows   Version 1.2

– Pure Performance